Author: Billy Reeder

Thomas Vaughn

Dr. Thomas Vaughn is communication professor, colleague and friend. He’s spent a lot of time studying the world of cults, conspiracy theories and apocalyptic rhetoric.

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Seamus McGraw

Seamus McGraw is an old school journalist and author of The End of Country, Betting the Farm on the Drought and A Thirsty Land. His new book, From a Taller Tower will be released soon. We talk about Hunter S. Thompson, motorcycles, our mutual love of Texas, writing and then jump into the subject his new book covers, mass shootings in the the United States.

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Greg Kendall-Ball

Greg Kendall-Ball is a photo editor for the New York Times who left seminary to become a photojournalist in West Texas after a life-changing trip to Rwanda. We talk about that, the modern state of journalism, baking bread and how an alien mutant super egg made him famous.

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