Author: Billy Reeder

Wolves and Fear

We don’t have wolves around the cabin, but there is a wolf moon hanging overhead at night reminding us of our wilder selves. It takes us back to the days of old when our ancestors slept by campfires and lived beneath the stars with bare feet and stone spears. The fire pushed back the darkness and the cold. Maybe that’s why we so often get lost staring into the flames of camp fires and wood stoves. The peace of those flames are buried deep within our DNA. As long as we stay close to the fire everything just feels like it’s going to be okay.

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A Year on the Bridge

The migrant camp is now a full fledge refugee camp. Except there is no United Nations here. No state sponsored anything. Just a sea of camping tents and thousands of people. I followed my border contacts online as the camp went from two hundred to five hundred to a thousand to over two thousand with hundreds more arriving daily. Border Patrol drops everyone off here who has crossed this region of the border seeking asylum.

The mood here is desperation.

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The Dumbest Guy in the Room

Last night, I drove home semi-comatose, drenched in sweat and questioning my sanity. I had just spent a solid hour of repeatedly getting twisted up in some god-awful position and feeling blood, oxygen and hope leaving my brain. 

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