My latest piece for Arkansas Life.  For you to take some time out of your life to read it would be an honor.

– Billy

“That which we call family isn’t so much a tree as it is a confluence of tributaries flowing into a common river. Those tributaries carry culture, genetics, reputation, damage, pride and other unknown specters flowing beneath the surface of those muddy waters.

We are shaped by those currents and by those who came before us—the people they were, the choices they made. The sacrifices and failures of our ancestors have molded our own lives in ways that aren’t always obvious until you learn their stories and their depth. Their influence is not only identifiable within our DNA, but also in a thousand small ripples through time that helped shape whom each of us has become. The twists and turns of the edges of our banks and the depth of our channels have been carved and molded by the waters of earlier generations that flow through our own rivers today. ”


A Ghost on The Black River